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New PGP Key

Hello folks,

After contemplating the security of my (former) PGP key, 0x26BD94C2, I decided that some upgrading was in order. 0x26BD94C2 used a 1024 bit DSA signing (primary) key, which I no longer consider suitable in my threat model.

I had generated a Curve25519 key a little while back, and I had thought that I would eventually supersede the DSA key with this one. After some additional consideration, I’ve decided that the benefits of such a key are marginal, and that the drawbacks are numerous (especially client support). I have revoked that key, and do not intend to use it again.

I’ve since created my new key, 0x8BB4345C, a 8192 bit RSA key. It has been signed by my former key, to maintain trust. I have set my former key to expire in a month. Keybase has been updated accordingly.

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